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Details Introduction

PEW REINFORCED JAW CRUSHER jaw crusher is most suitable for crushing compressive strength material hardness not higher than 280 Mpa:ore, rock, slag, etc., and the most large degree materials must not be more than technical parameter table set rules. JC jaw crusher with its superior performance and stable and reliable quality, has won the trust of customers who pursue high quality equipments. It is the first choice of high efficiency and crushing equipment. Reinforced jaw crusher main parts: main frame, partiality axis rotation part, crushing cavity working part, insurance device, and discharging mouth adjusting devices components. 1. Frame part: the board, former box, back box welding components, etc. 2. Eccentric shaft rotational part: mainly by dynamic jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, housing, pulley etc.. Which is the main part of the power transmission. 3. Crushing cavity working part: mainly composed of fixed jaw plate, dynamic jaw plate, side lining board, guard board and other components, which are working parts of crushing materials.

Working Principle

Its working principle is: Motor drives belt and pulley, the movable plate is bobbing up and down front and back through the eccentric shaft. When the movable plate moving to the fixed plate, the material is crushed or split. When movable board and plate are under the function of back of partiality axisa and spring, previously the split materials which has been crushed or broken will be discharged from the mouth of the lower part of the board. With the motor turning continuously and movable plate for a periodic crushing and discharging material, volume production can be achieved.

Product Data

Size of Feed 
Adjustable Size 
of Discharge 
Opening (mm)
PEW860 860×1100
100-225 200-500 132-160 32000 3300×2320×3120
PEW1100 1100×1200 ≤930 150-275 300-650 185-200 59200
PEW200×1300 200×1300 ≤180 10-30 12-35 30-37 7500 1320×2150×1175
PEW250×1000 250×1000 ≤220 20-40 15-50 30-37 6800
PEW250×1200 250×1200 ≤220 20-40 20-50 37-45 7800
PEW400×600 400×600 ≤350 35-85 15-70 37-45 8000 1920×1460×1840

Project Case

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