PFS Impact Crusher

PFS Impact Crusher

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Details Introduction

PFS Impact Crusher, a new type impact crusher developed by Volare on the base of foreign technology and the latest processing technology, has the following advantages compared with general impact crusher. 1. Adopting, hydraulic top device and maintenance lifting design can achieve the change of board hammer and other wearing parts in a short time, which reduce halt and maintenance time and cost of maintenance. 2. Adopting full-automatic hydraulic adjuster beteween rotor and impact plate enable flexibly discharging size adjustment. 3. Adopting heavy-duty rotor welded from high quality steel plate (according thicken the web of rotor block and heighten board hammer up to rotor body to change the combining form beteween board hammer and rotor spindle, and then increasing the weight of the rotor), enable its owns greater rotatory inertia. That means, with the same rotate speed, it has stronger crushing force, high efficiency. 4. Adopting bigger specification bearing with stronger bearing capacity. 5. Bearing pedestal adopts overall forging steel, which can perfectly fit the crusher frame and increase the radial force of bearing pedestal; Excellent waterproof and dustproof effect can protect the bearing.

Working Principle

This machine uses impact energy to crush the raw material. When the material comes to zone of action of hammer plate, material will be pushed to impact device to be crushed under the force of impact, then the material will bounce back to zone of action to be re-crushed, this process would not stop until the final products become to required size, the material will be discharged from bottom of machine. Adjusting the gap between impact rack and rotor rack could change the output size and shape of material.

Product Data

AdjustableSizeof Discharge 
Opening (mm)
Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
PFS1010 20-100 600 100-200 90-110
PFS1210 20-100 900 140-285 110-160 2871×1967×2600
PFS1214 20-100 900 200-400 160-200 2871×2307×2600
PFS1317 20-200 950 250-500 200-315 3175×2781×2800
PFS1420 20-200 1000 400-600 315-375 3582×3205×3118
PFS1620 20-200 1200 550-700 400-500 4056×3395×3356

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